Ginseng’s October Adventures

My moms told me I grew a lot this month. I don’t think I have. My shadow is still the same height as me and it is SO fun to play with. They also told me I’m doing so well in public. They think I’m being good when I lay under tables in class or at restaurants but really I’m just so tired from growing so much. I also got new treats this month and they are extra delicious, I come running to my moms as soon as I hear the bag open. Sometimes I get big pieces and sometimes I get small pieces but they all taste so good that I don’t even care how big they are. This month I also saw so many kids. Kids are great cause they’re like human puppies. They’re my size and they love to play with me. Sometimes they pull my ears but I don’t mind because I love meeting new friends. I also got new toys this month. They have really helped with my chewing habits. I sometimes even go to chew my toys before I chew my moms or the furniture! Chewing has been hard though cause all my teeth keep falling out of my mouth. Sometimes I lose teeth when I’m eating and I think I swallow them. Other times, I lose them when I’m chewing my toys and they fall on the ground or into my moms hands. My moms say the tooth fairy will come because all my teeth are falling out. I do not know what this means but I’m very excited.

This month I also went to a very fun obedience class with two of my moms. I had to ride in the car for a long time but once I got there I was very very excited. There were so many puppies just like me! One puppy was afraid of an owl statue but I was not. I marched right up to it because it was my new friend too! Guess what else… My brother was at the class! His name is Dandelion and he is a good boy just like me. After the meeting I even got to go to the pet store! There were so many cool animals there. My favorite was the bearded dragon. They are tiny and fast, just like I used to be!!

My moms also told me that a holiday called Halloween was this month. I don’t know what that means but they put cat ears on me and I was not happy. I am not a cat!!! How humiliating.

Overall I had a great month. I learned a lot and my moms say I’m getting better every day. I won’t lie, I still love chewing my moms and chewing the furniture, but I am trying my hardest because the worst thing is when my moms are disappointed in me. I don’t like the look they give me when I do something wrong. It’s like I hurt them. Also I don’t like when they stop giving me the good treats. I will do anything for the good treats.

Love and tea,



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