Get Involved

Puppy Raising

Puppy raisers live in a WVN house with three other puppy raisers and one puppy. You are responsible for the everyday needs of the puppy, socializing them, and filling out weekly and monthly reports on the their progress.

Puppy raisers must first attend an informational session about 4 Paws, then attend an interview with the 4 Paws campus coordinator. Next you will fill out 4 Paws’ puppy raiser application, submit a WVN application, and finally attend a WVN housing interview.

Puppy Sitting

Puppy sitters take the dogs for a few hours at a time, with the purpose of socializing them to a new experience.

Puppy sitters must first apply through 4 Paws’ application, then if accepted attend an orientation at 4 Paws in Xenia. Finally, you will meet with members of a house and their dog to discuss opportunities to work with the dog.


More Information

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